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Results for 2011 Race Day

1975 H Cullen    
1975 Ronald Joel Harvy    
1975 Harold Harrison    
1975 Ted (H.E) Bright    
1975 Fred Gillett    
1975 John Hardingham    
1975 Jack Bornholm Jack & Mon Bornholm 2003 Jack & Mon Bornholm 2003
1975 Alf Withers    
1975 Ross Temby    
1975 John Conrick    
1975 Mrs M Smith    
1975 Mrs Minnie Hardingham    
1974 MrAlan T Harvy    
1978 Mr Gordon Gillett    
1980 Mr Burt Snodgrass    
1980 Mr Kym Smith


1981 Mr Ronald Harvy    
1984 Mrs Kath Harvy    
1984 Mrs Val Gillett    
1989 Mr George Rennie    
1990 Mr James Butler    
1991 Mr Frank Anderson    
1991 Mr Tom Garner    
1991 Mr Ron Parker    
1992 Mr Doug Harrison    
1992 Mrs Joy Harrison    
1993 Mrs Monica Bornholm    
1994 Mr Tony Henderson    
1996 Mrs Hilda Hatherley    
1996 Mrs Marilyn Harvy    
1996 Mr Chris (H.C) Bright    
1998 Mr Andy McLeod    
1998 Mr Rob Seekamp


Rob Seekamp - 21st June 2010

A life taken tragically but leaving a never ending legacy.
Forever remembered for your dedication to your family, friends and community .
Your presence will be sadly missed in our community and our club. 

2010 Committee - Nanua Picnic Race Club

Nanua Picnic Race Club Vice President - 1987 to 2009



2001 Mrs Jan Bright


Jan Bright being presented her life members badge by Kym Smith. Ron Harvy and Doug Harrison observing.


2003 Mr Robert Pearce Robert & Mignonne after the siblings received their life member badges
2003 Mr Chris Harrison    
2003 Mrs Mignonne Symonds    
2006 Mr Alan Goodie    

From: Mr Alan Bright
Sent: Saturday, 23 December 2006 11:22 AM

Did you know that Nanua racecourse was originally laid by my Dad, Garrood Bright (1st Cousin to Ted Bright).

He bought a thoroughbred from F. G. White a broker in Broken Hill for Ted (Ted Bright). The mare was called Fantasy and she was by Kyclos out of Cyclon both very good horses in their day. Ted did not go ahead with the purchase so Dad kept her and trained her at Kimberley and laid the track now Nanua, this was about 1940. When Dad retired he gave her to Darby Bright (Ted's Brother) and he won many races with her up until about 1948.

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