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Nanua Picnic Race & Quarter Horse Club Inc.
PO Box 195
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Secretary: Lee-Anne Bright -

Kimberley Station: Chris Bright - 08 80911624

Treasurer: Suzanne Withers - or 08 80911506

President: Des Kennedy - 08 80877710


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All those wishing to become a member please fill in the Membership Renewal Form and Waiver of Liability

Membership due 1st of December
Adults : $5
Junior : $3
Life Members : $0

Membership includes the following:

   opportunity to participate in events at Nanua Picnic Races & Gymkhana

   receive Nanua Picnic Races & Gymkhana program via mail

   receive emails of club news and updates

   free nomination for horse events and people events held on Race Day

   Receive Members Only offers

   Apply to the committee for permission to use club facilities and equipment



Become a Sponsor or Donate to the Club

New sponsors are always welcome. 

Without sponsors the club would not be able to donate as much money to charity or hold the bush picnic race meeting.

There are seven levels of sponsorship or donations and those are PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, INDIVIDUAL and PRIVATE. Our latest sponsors are placed on their own page for people to see their patronage, Address, Phone Numbers and a link back to websites where available.

While we would prefer Cash Sponsorship we are happy to accept gift donations which we use for raffles and auctions for funds towards the next races to continue and also to be able to give to the many Charities in need in the local district.

Nanua Picnic Races and Quarter Horse Club donate every single year and a listing of BENEFICIARIES can be found by clicking HERE.

To become a sponsor or donate then read the policy below and then fill in the appropriate form.....


Sponsors Information Letter and Form


Members Newsletters & Shop



Current Committee

Our Committee for 2014 is:


Des Kennedy



Lee-Anne Bright 

Treasurer :

Suzanne Withers

Vice President:

George Harrison


Assistant Secretary:

Martika Harrison


Public Officer:

Chris Bright




Ordinary Committee:


Jan & Chris Bright


David Shrimpton


Grant Brine


TJ Brine

Andy Rogers  
Jo Hall  

Kevin Hall


Richie Withers




AGM Reports and Minutes

The club would like to present our Annual General Meeting minutes and reports:


The Club's Policy & Procedure Folder



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  • First Aid
  • Grounds ***coming soon
  • Nanua Equestrian Club
  • Sponsorship & Prize
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 The club's policies:

 Rule Books: Formed 25th of August 1945

Event Nomination Forms


Committee Guides & Forms

  • Committee Nomination Form
  • Incident Report Form
  • Risk Managment Event Form
  • Volunteer Sign In Form
  • Annual Timeline




Club Profile

Secretary Profile: Lee-Anne Bright

I have a full time job governessing - teaching on the Menindee-Ivanhoe road. I have governessed for the last 15 years in 3 different states on 8 different school for 14 families.
I also run my own business called Governess Australia ; this includes a consulting and job advertising service. It is also expanding in the next 2 years to include a small shop.
When not living at my work home I spend my school holidays at my parent's property, Kimberley Station.

In the past 14 years I have worked for many non-profit organisations, including school P&C's, ICPA and governess organisations. My major achievement was the setup of a support group which entailed the writing of a role statement and policies for the group as well as running training and induction sessions.

Through this community experience I have held many positions on committees including president, chairman, vice president, secretary, webmaster, quarterly magazine editor, and sub-committee organiser.

My grandfather was one of the founding members of the race club which started because of a love of horses, community and a desire to help the war effort.

Through actions and words he taught me that no one person owns the club, we represent the members.

For his part to ensure the club's survival a section of Kimberley was given to the race club for a home base.

My own dedication and passion for the club comes from a life long family involvement and a love of history.
I have been entrusted with the role of the honourable Secretary and being part of the new generation comes with great responsibility.
With that responsibility placed in my hands I believe

•  that we must continue to make improvements and build for the club's future.
•  that every action or idea requires considerable thought and research to ensure the club is presented with the best opportunity for the future.
•  we must not remain stagnant otherwise we will disappear.

I would like to make sure I leave the club in good stead for the future, so that it can continue on long after my family is gone.



Treasurers Profile - Sue Withers

to be inserted here


Past Committee Profiles...

2011 Assistant Secretary - Georgie Donohoe

I am a 38 year old mum of two teen boys and currently a full time employee of NOVA Employment.

I have been in love with riding horses and learning all I can about them for the majority of my life. I have recently become very interested in joining in the Gymkhana circuit and getting involved in as many group riding sessions as I possibly can. I have a big TB Gelding which I got off the track due to injury for a song, to me he is worth every penny. His race name is Sinaloa and his sire is Desert King (Ireland 1994) and Dam is The Padreen (Australia 1993). I decided to use him as a trail riding horse and maybe have some fun every now and again in events.

I grew up in the bush and lived on Coally Station for a time and then moved to Broken Hill to a small farm on the outskirts of town. I am now what you would call a towny, but my heart lies in the wide open spaces and the beautiful bush of our surrounding district.

I do a lot of voluntary work and I have a strong belief in making things better for our community and so I decided to come to Nanua Picnic Race and Quarterhorse Club to offer my services as a person who has skills in many areas. As my late dad (Harry Blore) would say "jack of all trades"....I say..."skilled in none", though he would argue differently. :)

I am also part of the newly formed Nanua Equestrian Club which I helped form due to the growing of interest in our community for horse riding and socialising with people whom are like minded. I really would like to say a huge thankyou for the people in my life, without them, I would be...well...someone else!!

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Since 2000 the Nanua Picnic Race and Quarter Horse Club has donated to our beneficiaries.


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